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Folk Music Canada Recaps Folk Music Ontario Conference 2019 in Mississauga, ON

Folk Music Canada Recaps Folk Music Ontario Conference 2019 in Mississauga, ON

Toronto – October 9, 2019 – Folk Music Canada recently returned from the Folk Music Ontario Conference in Mississauga, which hosted more than 30 Canadian artist showcases, and a range of informative panels that covered practical touring and music export advice, creating safe spaces in the music community, a songwriting masterclass presented by SOCAN, and a wealth of other helpful topics. The three-day conference wrapped on a high note after active engagement from the community in a productive Town Hall discussing the future of the folk music industry. The artists who showcased are headed home with new tools to move boldly forward in their creative careers, with new relationships budding with potential bookers, representatives, and collaborators.

Included as well amongst these events were two days of showcases highlighting a curated selection of Canada’s most compelling and export-ready folk musicians, comprising FolkNorth’s fourth official edition.

Folk Music Canada wishes to acknowledge and thank the talented artists who showcased, the volunteers, staff, board members, and industry professionals who shared their experience and insight with an eager audience of their peers in folk music. A big thank you goes out to FMC’s partners: Folk Alliance International, Folk Music Ontario, as well as everyone who visited the FolkNorth rooms and shared the lovely music on offer. Thank you as well to all of the artists and delegates who participated by sharing their music and wisdom.

Follow Folk Music Canada on Twitter @folkmusiccanada, on Facebook, and on Instagram @folkmusiccanada and check out what our Canadian folk performers and industry members got up to during the Folk Music Ontario Conference.

Folk Music Canada acknowledges the financial support of the Canadian Council for the Arts and The Government of Canada in making FolkNorth possible.

About Folk Music Canada: Folk Music Canada is a membership organization that supports and promotes the Canadian folk music community and its industry. We work to raise awareness about the importance, diversity, and cultural value of all types of folk music in Canada. Folk Music Canada works to promote excellence in Canadian Folk music to export markets through more than 150 international showcases per year, and its export industry gathering, FolkNorth.


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